Step 2 : Schedule Your Retirement Risk Assessment

What Would You Do If
The Market Meltdown Of
2008 Happened Again?

If the Finanicial Crisis were to happen again…


Get Your Personal Portfolio Risk Number
And Stress Test Your Retirement Plan
To Have Financial Peace Of Mind

Yes! I Want To Know My Risk Number

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Take a moment and put yourself back in 2008.

Where were you when you heard the news that the market had crashed?

How did you feel?

What were you thinking?

Millions of Americans saw their plans for retirement crumble in a matter of minutes, some probably even felt sick to their stomach.

Many felt a huge weight of regret, wishing they could have gone back in time and done something different.

Those close to or just getting into retirement may have seen their retirement plans changed forever the day it happened.

Some had to continue working longer than they planned while others had to re-enter the workforce in their 60’s and 70’s, taking jobs at Wal-Mart and convenience stores to pay their bills.

Others moved in with their children because they could no longer afford to live on their own.

No matter what your specific situation was or how you were impacted, there’s a good chance you never want to see that kind of loss to your retirement portfolio.

Now Is The Most Important
Time To Know Your Risk Number

The years right before you retire and your early years in retirement are the most critical to your success.

You don’t have time to try and get back the money you lose if the market crashes again like you did in the past.

Right now one of the most important things you can do is keep the money you’ve spent a lifetime building.

Losses at this time can be devastating, as it was for many people back in 2008.

And there are signs pointing to a possible market meltdown coming soon…

  • Our world is dealing with a pandemic that is causing global fear about the future.
  • The number of unemployed workers has now reached more than 50 million with no end in sight .
  • The national deficit is out of control while our government is printing money out of thin air.
  • The Federal Reserve has taken the lid off of inflation.

The market and GDP (gross domestic product) are out of alignment — this can also be an indicator of a market downturn.

GDP market

Knowing your specific risk number will give you the knowledge you need to assess where you’re at currently and how much of your money you’re leaving at risk.

Everyone’s situation is different, and therefore everyone has a different risk number.

Not knowing yours means you could be vulnerable, and susceptible to a big loss if the market crashes.

And without it you can’t really see how to plan effectively for your retirement goals.

Which means the advice you’re getting from your advisor is like the blind leading the blind.

Can You Really Trust The Advice
Your Getting From Your Advisor?

Whenever your portfolio takes a hit and you lose money in the market, what advice does your money manager or advisor usually give you?

They may tell you to move around a few things, or get into some different investments or funds, but do they really know how to best direct you for your specific goals and needs?

Do they really know what the market is going to do?

Probably not.

And they usually all say something like “It will all come back…eventually”.

But when is it eventually?

Do you have the time to wait for “eventually”?

And could you have prevented all of these problems in the first place if you would have just known your risk number and been able to make educated decisions based on that?

The problem is most advisors just tell you to stay in the market and keep doing similar things to what you are already doing.

One, because it’s how they get paid. This is a major problem in the industry and something every investor should understand.

And two, because they don’t have the right information.

Using the terms “Conservative”, “Moderate”, or “Aggressive” for individual risk tolerances is too vague to get a clear picture of what’s really going on.


You need to know exactly where you stand and what the true impacts of your decisions are.

That’s why knowing your risk number with a full risk assessment is so important.

Once you know your risk number you’ll know what your opportunities and risks are, and you can take the right steps to reach your goals.

Yes! I Want To Know My Risk Number

This is a LIMITED TIME offer that may be pulled at any time.

Know Your Risk Number And
Have Financial Peace Of Mind

A Retirement Risk Assessment is to retirement planning like a heartbeat is to being alive.

You get your pulse checked every time you go to the doctor, so why aren’t you getting the pulse of your investments checked?

Through this simple process you’ll have more information about your plan and yourself than you ever have before.

Once you’ve completed this process you’ll have a 15 page document that you can keep and use to take steps in the direction you want to go.

Here’s everything that you’ll get when you do your Retirement Risk Assessment.

Understand Your Risk Tolerance
And Know What’s At Stake

College Logos

Getting your Risk Number and understanding your risk tolerance in quantitative numbers will give you a map for where you are now and where you want to go.

This will help you see more clearly what you are comfortable with losing in exchange for what you may gain over a six month period.

This will help in showing you your “comfort zone” for investing so you can make more educated decisions.

Stress Test Your Investments
So You Don’t Live With Regret

If a 2008 Bear Market were to happen again…


If the Financial Crisis were to happen again…


What if a market crash like 2008 happened again?

Find out how these scenarios would impact your retirement portfolio so you can decide if you could handle that kind of a loss.

Having this information helps you decide if you want to try and beat the market or control risk and how your risk number helps you decide what strategy is best for you.

Yes! I Want To Stress Test My Portfolio

This is a LIMITED TIME offer that may be pulled at any time.

Make Sure Your Risk Number
Matches Your Investment Strategy

Portfolio risk

Unfortunately most people don’t have a clear picture of whether or not their risk number and tolerance align with their investments.

A portfolio risk analysis allows you to make better investment decisions and have true alignment with your retirement goals. 

Analyze the risk of over a quarter-million securities, products, and strategies to see how accounts roll up into a portfolio-wide Risk Number.

Find Out If You’ll Reach Your Goals
With A Retirement Map

Retirement Map

Wonder if your risk preference will allow you to achieve your goals?

With a Retirement Map you can calculate your probability and build a map to success. 

They help illustrate the bigger picture and can even uncover outside assets.

Make Better Decisions With
Risk/Reward Heat Maps

Heat Map

Risk/Reward Heat Maps pinpoint the risk contribution of individual securities in accounts, allowing you to have productive conversations about risky or conservative positions.

It expresses the weighted potential upside and downside that each allocation contributes to the overall portfolio, along with the portion of each allocation’s potential downside that has been diversified away due to correlation.

This will help you make better decisions in getting the Risk Score you want to achieve.

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This entire program, valued at $497, is yours absolutely free for a limited time. 

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Because of this we partnered with organizations to utilize their tools so we can provide this service to you absolutely free.

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Yes! I Want A Retirement Risk Assessment

This is a LIMITED TIME offer that may be pulled at any time.

Once you do you’ll be taken to a short form where we’ll collect a little more information to be sure this program is a good fit for you, the entire process only takes about 5 minutes.

Once you’re done you’ll want to schedule a time with your Retirement Risk Assessment Advisor so they can help in putting together your full report.

I do have to warn you that spots are limited due to the high demand of our program and the fact that we don’t know how long we’ll be able to offer this for free. 

But if you’re seeing this page it means that spots are still open, so apply now.


Here’s Everything You’ll Get With Your
Free Retirement Risk Assessment

  • Risk Number – So you know how much money you stand to gain in exchange for the amount that you are risking to lose.
  • Stress Test – Know what would happen to your investment portfolio if a major market meltdown happens again like the one of 2008.
  • Portfolio Risk Analysis – Allows you to make better investment decisions and have true alignment with your retirement goals. 
  • Retirement Map – Calculate the probability of you reaching your goals and build a map to success. 
  • Risk/Reward Heat Map – Dive deeper into each investment decision you make so you feel more confident about making the right one.

So take action now to claim this free offer before it’s no longer available. 

After you’ve completed this process you will finally have the feelings of safety and peace that you’ve been looking for.

Imagine that feeling of knowing that you’ve got a better plan for major market meltdowns.

Having a Retirement Wealth Assessment can help you seethe balance from market risk that you’ve been looking for.

We’re here to help and we’ll work to understand your goals and be with you every step of the way.

Be well and our team looks forward to talking with you soon.



Yes! I Want A Retirement Risk Assessment

This is a LIMITED TIME offer that may be pulled at any time.

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