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An open letter to any parent who has a child that is currently in college or
will be going to college soon.

An open letter to any parent who has a child that is currently in college or will be going to college soon.

Dear Parent,

As soon as your child is born you can’t help but feel a primal responsibility to protect them and give them a better life.

You want to give them every opportunity to achieve all of their goals and dreams.

Unfortunately, the heavy cost of paying for college is now altering the course you’ve set for them.

It probably tears you up inside even thinking about what the weight of tremendous college debt could do to your child’s future aspirations.

No one likes to think about the fact that their child could be paying off their college debt until well into their 40’s, but it’s become a harsh and cold reality that many graduates are dealing with right now.

But I’m guessing you’re here because you don’t want that to be your child and you want to figure out a way to pay for their college so they can graduate debt free and on the right foot.

Answering this question is the first crucial step in the process, and the next one is figuring out…at what cost?

What’s The True Cost Of Paying For Your Child’s College Education?

For many parents, the cost of paying for their child’s education is more than just the cost of paying for school itself, it’s also the cost of what they’ll have to give up to make it happen.

It’s a sad fact that the current financial system has let us down, especially when it comes to paying for a degree.

The cost of college is rising at an alarming rate of 8% a year, meaning it now takes graduates an average of 21 years to pay off debt that frequently reaches six figures.

Because of this you now feel it’s your duty to make sure this doesn’t happen to your children, and that they have a chance to graduate debt free.

So the next obvious question is…how?

For many it feels like a choice between not paying for college and living the way you want, or paying for college and having to totally blow up your entire life plan including your retirement.

That is if you choose to pay for your child’s degree…

  • You’ll have to change the way you currently live to save money.
  • You’ll have to give up on your dreams and future aspirations.
  • You’ll have to give up on your dreams and future aspirations.

This current reality can often feel like a lose-lose situation for parents.

That they’ll either pay for their child’s college while giving up on their dreams and possibly resent their child (it happens more than you think), or they’ll be holding their child back from their dreams with a possibility of their child resenting them.

Because of all the misinformation and confusion out there parents have no idea that there’s actually a third option, a way you can pay for college and still keep your future dreams on track.

You Don’t Have To Give Up On Your Dreams To Pay For Your Child’s Degree

There is a way that you can get your child’s college education paid for and still achieve all of your dreams like retirement, travel, and freedom.

In fact, you can actually improve your financial situation while paying for college…if you have the right strategy.

The problem is most people are still making choices based on outdated advice that doesn’t take a look at the whole picture, which means you’re leaving free money on the table.

The landscape of paying for college is changing so rapidly, from FAFSA updates to scholarships and other funding strategies, it’s no wonder parents like you feel like their head is spinning just trying to keep up.

What you probably don’t realize is that most save for college programs, like 529 plans, actually penalize you when it comes to grants and scholarships. So overfunding these plans, a strategy that many parents try to do, is not the answer.

Your child is actually eligible for many more scholarships and grants than you realize, and this free money could be the difference between paying for college and having to totally rearrange your life or paying for college and still living the life you want to live.

We’ve Helped Families Get Over $100 Million In Scholarships Over The Last 5 Years

Over just the last five years alone we’ve helped families in getting more than $100 Million in scholarships that they had no idea about or how to access.

Once you understand where to look and how to apply you’ll quickly find that any student, even those with mediocre grades, can secure more scholarships and grants then they thought possible.

In fact, we’ve found most families are leaving a minimum of $20,000 in scholarships the student already qualifies for sitting on the table, simply because no one told them where to look.

Also, many parents feel that they could never qualify for financial aid based on their high income or assets, when in fact they can…we can show you how to get money back that you’ve already spent on college.

The problem is most parents save for college without taking into account their entire financial picture, and this is detrimental to the entire process. Without seeing the entire picture you could be doing things that actually hurt your chances of getting free money.

The name of the game is getting the maximum number of scholarships, grants, and financial aid that you possibly can because that free money is the foundation to paying for college on your terms and without sacrificing your way of life.

To do this we use a process called the “Gifting Formula”.

Discover How The “Gifting Formula” Will Help You And Your Child Achieve Your Dreams

The Gifting Formula is our proprietary step-by-step process that helps parents like you pay for college while improving your entire financial future.
Through this process our team will take a look at your entire financial picture and show you how you can reposition yourself to pay for your child’s college while getting the maximum amount of scholarships, grants, and financial aid.
  • How you can get up to $20,000 in scholarships that your child already qualifies for.
  • How to avoid the costly pitfalls most parents make that hamstring them from getting free money to help pay for college.
  • How you can send your child to an expensive private college for less than a state school.
  • How any student, even those with mediocre grades, can get scholarships, grants, and financial aid money they didn’t even know was to them.
  • How you can get more free money from FAFSA and financial aid even if you feel like your income is too high to qualify.
  • How you can get money back for the college tuition you’ve already paid.
  • How you can pay for college without expensive private student loans or raiding your retirement accounts.
  • How to increase your college-related tax deductions and tax credits.
  • How you can increase your retirement income by as much as $21,769 per year.

Here is everything you’ll get with your custom Pay For College Blueprint

Part 1 : College Planning and Timeline

  • How to choose the RIGHT school for your child, without settling or letting finances limit your options.

  • Understanding each college’s needs-based formula so you can get the most aid for your family.

  • Get colleges to COMPETE for your son or daughter.

When you do this right:

  • You get more expensive schools to match the costs of less expensive ones.

  • You can get as much as $20,000-$40,000 in additional gifts over 4 years of college.

Part 2 : Becoming FAFSA friendly

  • Structure your finances in a legal, moral, and ethical way to lower your EFC Score and your overall cost of college.

  • Implement simple strategies to reduce debt and improve overall cash flow.

  • Show you how even those that think they make “too much money” or own a business can still get a lot of money from FAFSA.

When you do this right:

  • Reduce your expenses and your debt.

  • You could save as much as $65,000 or more per child on the cost of college.

Part 3 : Micro Scholarships

  • Use “The Gifting Formula” to find guaranteed money for your children.

  • Show you how students with mediocre grades can still qualify for these scholarships.

  • Anyone, even parents, can qualify for this free money.

When you do this right:

  • You could get as much as $50,000 or more in free money, even from out of state schools.

  • Your child can afford to go to the college of their choice instead of “settling” for a school they really don’t want to go to.

Part 4 : College Debt Elimination Program

  • We’ll look at the entire financial picture and how it is impacting everything including paying for college.

  • Find money that you didn’t know was available to you.

  • Show you how your children can actually create savings while paying down debt.

When you do this right:

  • Cut the number of years it takes to pay off debt down to 4-7 years.

  • Save thousands on interest that can now be saved.

Part 5 : Job Preparedness

  • How to create a database and network, even before your child goes to college.

  • Where to get great internships and job shadowing programs.

  • The best way to use social media so they don’t lose a job opportunity.

When you do this right:

  • Save a lot of money by graduating in four years instead of floundering for six years or more.

  • Be sure your child is on the right career path and has a job as soon as they graduate.

Pay For Your Child’s College While Increasing Your Retirement Income

Retirement Income
What most parents don’t even realize is that the way they are currently saving for college is actually hurting their chances of getting free money and having a better overall financial future.

Through the Gifting Process we’ll help you with all things free money, showing you how to maximize the grants, scholarships, and FAFSA money that you can get to pay for college.

Next we’ll build a custom Pay For College Blueprint that will lay out how you can get the rest of your children’s college paid for while improving your financial future.

We help thousands of families every year, just like yours, make this a reality. Here are just a few of the people we’ve had the pleasure of helping…

Family Success Stories

Nichols Family

3 Children
Saved $200,001
Added $11,838 Per Year
in Retirement Income

McDavid Family

2 Children
Saved $96,736
Increased Tax-Free
Retirement Income by
$17,000 Per Year

Zelinski Family

1 Child
Saved $80,783
Added $36,469 Per Year
in Retirement Income

How You Can Get A Custom “Pay For College” Blueprint Absolutely Free

As you can see from our success stories, getting a Pay For College Blueprint could save you as much as $60,000 or more on the cost of college and could add hundreds of thousands of dollars to your retirement income.

So, if we’re going to give you all this incredible value (and money) you’re probably thinking to yourself it has to cost a fortune to get this done…right? Wrong.

Other organizations who only do half of what we offer charge as much as $4,000, but not us.

We actually offer these plans to qualified families Absolutely Free.

Click the Apply Now button below to see if you qualify.

The Complete Pay For College Blueprint

The Gifting Formula

So why are we offering these programs for free, there has to be a catch…right? No, let me explain.

We never charge a fee for helping to put together a Pay For College Blueprint.

When we discover opportunities to save you money, through FAFSA or other means, a third party who shares our vision pays us directly for helping you.

This helps us continue to do our plans for absolutely free for you and support our mission of a debt-free america.

It’s also important to note these plans aren’t for everyone, only certain families will qualify.

Also, because of the amount of time and energy involved by our team, spots are limited and fill up fast because of the immense amount of value we offer as covered earlier.

So I would highly recommend that if you’d like to see if you qualify click the Apply Now button to submit your information, the entire process takes less than two seconds and we’ll notify you right away.

Paying for your child’s college education while still living the life you’ve always wanted is possible and we look forward to talking with you soon and showing you the way.

Here’s to everyone achieving their dreams.


The Team at Parent College Planning Network

The Complete “Pay For College Blueprint”

Discover how you can get your child’s education paid for in just 5 hours without sacrificing your lifestyle and future dreams.

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Wait! Before You Go...

Get The Complete Pay For College Blueprint

Wait! Before You Go...

Get The Complete Pay For College Blueprint