Congratulations, we will call you soon to confirm your information before sending your book. Before you go…

Congratulations, will call you soon to confirm your information before sending your book. Before you go…

Limited Time Offer: If You’re 59 or Older And Have At Least $100,000 In Your TSP…

Get a Retirement Freedom Plan From The Author Absolutely Free

Tim Dern is The Author of
“The 7 Federal Employee Retirement Mistakes” and
He Is Certified To Work With All Retirement Programs

For Federal Employees That Qualify…
Get Freedom From The 4 Big Retirement Killers That Could Decimate Your Retirement Plan

Dear Federal Employee,

Throughout my many years of working with Federal Employees I’ve discovered there are 4 Big Killers to TSP’s that can totally derail and even decimate the best retirement plans.

They are…

The 4 Big Retirement Plan Killers
For Federal Employees

The 4 Big Retirement Plan Killers For Federal Employees

#1 – Taxes

Killer : Most federal employees have no idea they’ll pay taxes on their retirement income, and that their tax liability could be as high as 32%.

Solution : There are legal and ethical strategies that any federal employee can use to reduce your tax burden to 15% or less.

Freedom : Imagine keeping more of the money you’ve worked a lifetime saving. You’ll have a more fulfilling retirement and you’ll be able to do more of the things you’ve always wanted to do.

#2 – Fund Confusion

Killer : Understanding and picking the right funds for your needs can be complex and confusing. Some funds, like the G Fund, have no market risk but your money is only growing at .5%. At that rate you may not have enough money saved for retirement.

Other funds, like the C Fund, have better returns but are tied to the market, which can be incredibly risky especially as you enter your retirement years. One bad market crash, like the one in 2008, could wipe out your retirement plan.

Solution : Getting a fund comparison and analysis will help you better understand all of your options. This process will take into account your specific situation and where you’re at in your retirement journey.

Freedom : Picture yourself having a retirement plan with no risk of losing money while still getting returns as high as 16 times greater than what you would get in the C Fund.

This is the ultimate balance of safety and growth you’ve been looking for so you can have the confidence and peace of mind most people dream about for their retirement.

#3 – TSP Modernization Act

Killer : Passed on September 15, 2019, The TSP Modernization Act made some significant changes that could affect your retirement plan in a negative, or positive way, depending on the decisions you make today.

Solution : Getting a review of your current plan and making the appropriate adjustments and changes can save you a significant amount of money in taxes, fees, and penalties.

Freedom : Eliminate all feelings of shame and regret from making little mistakes that could cost you big money.

#4 – The Death Penalty

Killer : Hard to believe, but if you passed away your spouse would only receive 50% of your retirement plan income from your TSP.

Solution : Fixing the Death Penalty clause in your retirement plan will ensure your spouse gets 100% of the retirement income.

Freedom : Rest easy knowing that if something happens to you your loved ones will be taken care of.

For a limited time I’m giving 100 Federal Employees the opportunity to work with me and get my Retirement Freedom Plan absolutely FREE.

I usually charge $997 for these plans, but I’ve partnered with a few third party solution providers who have funded the program for up to 100 people.

As you can see below we only have a few plans left…so you’ll want to act now before this promotional offer is gone and may never be offered again.

When you click on the button above you’ll be taken to a short application page.

The application takes less than 5 minutes to fill out and you’ll be notified instantly once you’re approved.

After you’re approved you’ll be taken to a calendar page where you can schedule a call with me so we can get started with your Retirement Freedom plan.

Thank you and I look forward to working with you soon.

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Tim Dern
President & Founder of F.E.R.N.
Author “The 7 Federal Employee Retirement Mistakes”

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